Our consulting division is all about helping our clients to get that all important edge through Digital, IT and Data.  


Each of our delivery brands is a niche business with the sole purpose of being the best in their field. 

Our Consulting expertise

Strategy & Transformation

We define Digital, IT and Data strategies and transformations which help you get ahead, not just keep up.

Growth & Innovation

We don't just help you come up with great ideas, we help you turn those ideas into real value.

Human Experience Design

We make sure that people are at the centre of what we build and deliver, be it a commercial website, a partner portal or an internal HR system for your people.

Our DELIVERY expertise

User Experience Designers

Designers who bring the User Experience to life for you and your dev teams.

Agile Coaches & Scrum Masters

Agile practitioners who know how to do Agile in the right way for the right results.

Product Managers

Our Product Managers are passionate about building the best products possible.

Program / Project Managers

Most projects fail due to poor project managers. So we only do awesome ones.

DevOps Experts

DevOps pros who can help you embrace and make enterprise DevOps successful.

DataOps Experts

Data experts who can setup and run your data ops functions.

App Developers

Leading edge application development teams who can start delivering fast.

Automated Testers

Automation architects who help you test and therefore deliver your software faster.

Data Scientists

The geeks among the geeks. Our Data Scientists help you exploit your data.

Struggling to make Agile work for you? Hear how we can help.

A recent study of over 300 organisations reported that 1 in 8 Agile projects completely fail, and that over half of CIOs regard Agile development as “discredited”. There is a growing chorus against Agile yet this still appears to be the best delivery model of choice. Big organisations can see from success stories like Spotify that it works, however when applied at scale in traditional large enterprises it notably stalls.

At Enfuse Group we specialise in helping organisations to unlock the Agile riddle. In short – we get Agile to work.


Do you need a business strategy to do an IT strategy?
October 20, 2017

Recently I’ve been in the situation at a couple of clients where an IT Strategy was needed, yet there was distinct lack of an agreed business strategy. I found myself asking "do you actually need a business strategy to do an IT strategy?"

Time to stop calling it IT
September 4, 2017

Since then the world has moved on and the moniker of IT is no longer useful. Increasingly IT departments are rebranding themselves and with good cause.

Digital Transformation Part 2 – Where to start?
May 31, 2017

In part 1 we talked about how digital transformation is about a complete operating model change for a company. So where to start and how to know what should change? Here’s one approach which could be used.